original bag

When you need to get it together, keep it that way, and lots of it. Pretty enough to be your everyday bag, can double as your overnight, gym or weekender. Sturdy straps can handle whatever you can carry.






tiny little bags

The perfect bag for those times when all you need is your phone, your lipstick and maybe your visa. A night on the town, dinner out, or a trip to the mall, just toss in your essentials and you are ready to go.



sybil bag

Originally made for a dear friend so she could keep her phone handy on the outside of her purse, this has become the bag you’ll find indispensable for everyday wear. Especially sturdy strap construction stands up to heavy loads and so many pockets for all your stuff, two on the outside are perfect for your phone and glasses or whatever you reach for the most, plus three more inside keep you organized and looking sharp.

What will you put in your pockets?